ARSII Sfax Days'24

📢 ARSII Association-Sfax a le plaisir d'organiser, en partenariat avec le Digital Research Center of Sfax- Centre de Recherche en Numérique de Sfax (CRNS), la Pépinière SFAX Innovation 2, le ReGIM-Lab. REsearch Groups in Intelligent Machines (LR11ES48) et l'École nationale d'ingénieurs de Sfax (ENIS), la 5ème édition des journées ARSII Sfax Days'24 qui se déroulera du 16 au 18 mai 2024 comme suit: ✅ Dev-Day 1: Workshop "Transformers" 🗓️ Date : 16 mai 2024 🕑 Horaire : à partir de 9h 📍 Lieu : Laboratoire REGIM-Lab, ENIS ✅ Dev-Day 2: Workshop "Introduction to Machine Learning and Federated Learning" 🗓️ Date : 17 mai 2024 🕑 Horaire : à partir de 9h 📍 Lieu : Pépinière Sfax Innovation 2 ✅ In-Tech-Day 3: Journée sous la thématique "Application Domains for Transformer-based Models" 🗓️ Date : 18 mai 2024 🕑 Horaire : à partir de 9h 📍 Lieu : Centre de Recherche en Numérique de Sfax (CRNS) 📧 Contact:

📢 Tunisian Day on Computational Intelligence 🌍

📢 Tunisian Day on Computational Intelligence 🌍 🗓️ Save the date: June 4th, 2024! Join us for the exciting Tunisian Day on Computational Intelligence, held at the TBS (Tunis Business School) auditorium. This event will feature two talks by esteemed fellows focusing on Evolutionary Computation (EC). 🎙️ We are privileged to have the following distinguished speakers: 👉 Professor Kalyanmoy DEB, FIEEE, from Michigan State University, MI, USA. He is the inventor of NSGA-II, a groundbreaking algorithm. 👉 Professor Carlos A. COELLO COELLO, FIEEE, from the Polytechnic Institute of Mexico, Mexico. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the esteemed IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation. 💡 This event offers a unique opportunity to gain insights into the latest advancements in Evolutionary Computation. 🎟️ Admission is free and open to the public. Don't miss this exciting event! 📞 For more information, contact Prof. Slim BECHIKH at 🌐 Join us at the Tunisian Day on Computational Intelligence and be part of this inspiring event! #TunisianDay #ComputationalIntelligence #EvolutionaryComputation #TBS #Conference2024

WIMTA' 36 - Workshop on Intelligent Machines: Theory and Applications

The Workshop on Intelligent Machines: Theory & Applications (WIMTA’36) is an excellent opportunity for the dissemination and exchange of the PhD student research results and the presentation of technical innovation on all aspects of machine intelligence and related data. WIMTA’36 is organized by the ReGIM-Lab in collaboration with IEEETunisia Section on December 26, 2023, in Palais Royal Hotel, Sfax, Tunisia. The research team at REGIM-Lab is composed of dedicated researchers, scientists, and experts who work together to explore the potential of data science and its application in various fields. The laboratory's four main research axes : 1. Deep Social Media Data Science, 2. Deep Vision Data Science, 3. Deep Multimodal Signal Data Science, 4. Deep Textual Document Data Science The 36th edition of WIMTA will mainly feature plenary talks, practical sessions, a doctoral consortium, and an exhibition of developed applications. It will also include a training session.









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